Friday, July 12, 2019

"Marching Fairy Folk"

 While we are offering many lovely pieces by John R. Neill, most are not fantasy images. This charming penicl drawing has a very Ozzy feel to it!
"Marching Fairy Folk" pencil drawing by John R. Neill. $750.00

John R. Neill (American) 1877-1943
Pencil on heavy illustration board. Unsigned
Image size: 9.75" x 9.5"
Paper size: 14.75" x 20"

This whimsical pencil drawing by Oz illustrator John R. Neill is for an uncompleted fantasy illustration showing two very Ozzy characters marching with fife and drum!  The older gentleman is wearing a tights and pumpkin hose, and bells on one of his ankles and around his neck; the boy, beating the large drum has a chain of bells trailing down his back. Both cheery fellows have hats with sprigs of holly at the top. Might this have been drawn by Neill for possible use as a Christmas card? In any case it is a charming and somewhat Ozzy fantasy drawing!

"Marching Fairy Folk" by John R. Neill (full image of board). $750.00

The drawing is rendered in pencil or heavy illustration board. There is some staining and discoloration at the edges of the boards but it is not affecting the image area. 

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